Ever wonder how to work your Eco, Normal, and Sport mode in your Toyota?

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I am sure your salesperson has explained these drive mode buttons to you, but let's go over them again. First, let's talk about the Eco mode. This is the most fuel friendly of all drive modes. Once you engage the Eco mode button, this will automatically regulate the cabin controls. The controls include the a/c, heating, heated seats, and small power features that you use while driving. Eco mode takes the pressure off of the engine, so it does not have to work as hard. Eco mode is recommended during city traffic, and stop and go driving, when fuel is used the most. If you need max performance for your a/c or heating system, the Eco mode is not recommended during this time. The Eco mode, is well, the most economical mode. Second, some Toyota's feature a normal mode button. This feature will balance out the performance for regular daily driving. Third, the sport mode, equipped in some Toyota's, is the most least fuel efficient. Push this button to change the throttle and transmission shift points, to provide sporty performance. Now, go out there and change how you drive your Toyota!


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