Toyota Tundra PIE Pro!

1200 × 8001200 × 630I want to talk about this new Toyota Tundra PIE Pro! What an awesome idea. This Tundra will autonomously make the pizzas while being driven to the customers house! I mean, we all want fresh food, right? Has it ever happened to you, when your pizza delivery comes to the door, you open it up, and its cold, wrong, or even the top of the box crushed? Well, no more cold, crushed pizza people! This Tundra is fixed with a robotic pizza oven in the truck, and has a pair of articulating robotic arms! The robot will cook the pizza in about seven minutes, in a super-efficient conveyor oven. Ever heard of the Toyota Mirai? This Tundra runs on exactly what the Toyota Mirai has, which is a hydrogen fuel-cell electric powertrain. I have included a link below to the Toyota Mirai, for those that want to take a quick peek at it. It's very cool! Anyways, back to the PIE Pro. It is a great concept, that has actually been put together. There has been no date set for the when the Toyota Tundra PIE Pro will be in use. But, you may see it soon when you place your order to go from Pizza Hut!


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